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March 2012

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rrwolf in camerafurs

Slide/35mm scanners

Anyone on here have any experience with 35mm/slide scanners?


I have had good results from my Epson V500 scanner that I bought almost three years ago. It scans documents, film negatives, and slides in both 35mm and 120 rollfilm. The software allows you to do it automatically or with full manual controls. I have some images from 35mm slides, file sizes from 90 to 150 kb, that look very good when viewed with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer on my 19" monitor. I think that for most amateur use you would be pleased with this scanner.

Recently I have been printing on Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper GLOSSY (Inkjet) and I like this paper very much. I'm just using my four year old, $100 Canon Pixma iP6210 printer but the images I've been getting have been excellent.

Also I might point out this discussion on The Online Photographer blog


The pro photogs are getting worried that there won't be any pro quality film scanners in the future and that they won't be able to inexpensively digitize their film portfolios. It's probably not too much of a problem for the general public who just need decent scans of old family photos and such.
When I said that file sizes of 90 to 150 kb look good, I consider that to be just a starting point. You can, of course, scan at higher resolutions, and if you want better prints, you should. It's just that higher resolution scans take longer.

If you look at that story on The Online Photographer, you might also take a look at earlier stories written by that author, Ctein. He really is a photographic printing wizard and has been around a long time. Earlier this year on TOP he wrote a series about printing from digital files.